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Per/Com, Inc. became operational January 1st, 1991.  Its origins were created and initiated because of the renewed interest and requests by businesses and organizations that the 'age of automation', voicemail and automated prompts were too impersonal.  The inundation of technology allowed all communication to become disconnected from direct human interaction.  The need to reconnect was obvious to any business or profession that wanted to provide a more personal connection with their clients.  Per/Com, Inc.'s philosophy, and very reason for being in existence, was to provide that very connection.  To give that individual calling a real voice to communicate with.  To provide a friendly, competent person the ability to offer a personal touch in responding to a caller's inquires or needs.

Per/Com Inc. wasn't just a name, it was the basis for its business intent- to offer an alternative, a real person, a live voice to interact with.  Now, more than ever, the concept of talking 'live' with someone over the telephone once again has become even more desirable.  E-mails, tweets and texting, have all made communicating more distant and more impersonal than ever.

Twenty-four years ago, Per/Com, Inc. began with one client and an idea that courteous, professional and polite human operators could interact with modern technology to create a more pleasant, modern way to "talk on the phone".  That idea and its intent has not changed.  With a new generation of technology, equipment and direction, comes a new generation of ownership and goals.  To provide Per/Com, Inc.'s original professionalism in conjunction with today's ever changing rapid response and needs to communicate, is always and will be its basis for success.

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